Republican senator Lindsey Graham sent a letter to Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, in which he asks Schumer to reject impeaching former President Donald Trump.

The idea of impeachment was mentioned when Trump got accused of inciting the Capitol riots at the beginning of this month.

Graham considers that such an act would be against the Constitution and that it would be disrespectful to Trump’s rights.

He also added that continuing the process of impeachment and going on a trial would violate the process of healing between nations and thus prolong the unfortunate situation of divided America.

Democrats want it all

However, the Democrats disagree.

They argue that Donald Trump should be held accountable for inciting riots and suffer the consequences.

Also, they claim that impeachment of the former president is crucial for restoring stability in America.

In his letter senator Graham says that the Senate should stop seeking vengeance, which harms everyone, and instead they should focus on healing the nation and ending division.

He also pointed out the fact that something like this has never happened in the country’s history.

Senator Tom Cotton reminded that the US Constitution clearly states that the impeachment process is “a way to remove officeholders from public office - not an inquest against private citizens.”.

Since Mr. Trump has left the office and is now a private citizen, performing no official duties, he is not a suitable person for the impeachment.

In addition, the act of impeachment means removing an officeholder from the office, and Donald Trump is neither an officeholder, nor has the office from which he could be removed.

Impeachment might be unconstitutional

One of the scholars at Harvard Law School, Laurence Tribe says that the Constitution’s rules on impeachment are not based on the fact whether an official is holding an office or not.

Tribe labeled Donald Trump as a threat to America and its values, thus, in his opinion, Trump should never be able to run for president ever again.

On the other hand, a former Federal appeals court judge J. Michael Luttig claims that this matter would be unsuitable for the Senate trial, since it would violate the Constitution.

The former judge argues that only the Supreme Court could make the judgment.

The resolvent of this situation remains yet to be seen.