On January 20th, Donald Trump finished his four-year term as a president of the United States, refusing to participate in the inauguration of his successor Joe Biden.

Hours before the event, Trump took his Air Force One jet in which he was transported to his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida, where he intends to be during the following period.

On the following day, Trump was seen playing golf.

So far, he has refused to provide answers to the questions related to his further engagement.

On Friday, he gave a short and unclear response to a Washington Examiner reporter who approached him during the dinner at the Trump International Golf Club.

Trump said that he and his team will do something but that there will be no action anytime soon.

Shortly after Trump’s remark, the reporter was asked to leave by a member of the Golf Club staff.

Trump will be back

It seems obvious that the former president needs some rest after a tumultuous period he has experienced since the election.

The events culminated with January 6th Capitol storming which many people characterize as Trump’s responsibility.

It is also probable that Trump wants to wait for the impeachment process initiated against him to unravel before he takes any concrete steps.

The process has started in the House of Representatives, which eventually voted for Trump’s impeachment on the grounds of the “incitement of insurrection”.

On February 6, Trump’s impeachment is set to begin in the U.S. Senate.

If two-thirds of the Senate end up voting for Trump’s impeachment, Trump may be prohibited from holding public office in the future.

Such an outcome would seriously disappoint Trump supporters who are hopeful about Trump’s 2024 presidential bid.

New political party?

There are also rumors that Trump considers launching a new party to be called the Patriot Party.

This plan appears reasonable given the fact 10 Republicans voted for Trump’s impeachment and many more either condemned or dissociated themselves from the former president’s recent moves.

In the light of this, it is highly unlikely that Trump will receive sufficient support for his potential 2024 bid as a Republican candidate.

Yet, if too many Republicans turn their back on Trump during the Senate impeachment vote, Trump may end up being permanently barred from presidential candidacy.