The U.S. cities of Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, have been particularly hit by the left-wing protests since last summer.

During the protests, a lot of local property and businesses were damaged.

In January this year, similar events occurred, provoking a harsher response by the police.

In Seattle, the interim police chief announced that city police will begin to curb any protesters who continue damaging local businesses.

Police answer to latest violent riots

This statement follows the Wednesday riots in which a group of left-wing activists demolished several buildings, used smoke grenades, and utilized objects to block the roadway.

During the protests, the windows of several shops were destroyed, including one of the first Settle Starbucks at the Pike Place Market.

As a consequence, many rioters were detained by the police under suspicion of perpetrating crimes such as assault, burglary, and property damage.

The group of recently arrested militants joined a larger group of more than 600 people who have been detained for similar crimes since summer.

No prosecutions due to Covid

Yet, many of these rioters were not prosecuted, allegedly due to worries related to the coronavirus spread in prisons.

Recent protests encouraged local police officials to start proceedings of these people regardless of the pandemic.

Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said that there will be no further delays in proceedings of the rioters who have participated in protests since last summer.

He added that it is obvious that people who take part in riots are there for mere destruction and do not care about who is the president.

He described the recent events as devoid of meaning.

Similar protests have recently occurred in Portland.

ICE facilities were hit hard

Rioters have specially targeted the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility, requesting an abolition of nations, borders, and deportations.

Around 150 people joined the protests, some of whom caused damage to the ICE building.

Some rioters also marched toward the Oregon headquarters of the Democratic Party.

This was not the first time the ICE building in Portland was under attack.

Similar events occurred last summer when protesters destroyed the windows of the facility.

Both times, police used tear gas to break the protests and drive off the crowd.

Police also warned the rioters that they will be arrested if they refuse to back off.

No clear response from the new administration

Yesterday, Stacey Gibson, one of the local business owners, appeared on a show streamed by Fox News to describe the damage locals experience.

She compared the situation in Portland to a dungeon and said that what is going on is pretty depressing and devastating for the local community.

When asked whether the new administration will address the chronic turmoil in Portland, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was not able to give a clear response.

She said that she has yet to speak with President Biden about the issue, but that the homeland security adviser is paying close attention to the situation.

Given the fact that some of the protesters’ requests seem to deviate even from the proposed policies of the new administration, it will certainly be challenging to completely appease the riots anytime soon.