Albert Watkins, the attorney for Jacob Anthony Chansley, said that his client has deep regrets about “being manipulated” by Former President Donald Trump.

Watkins further suggested that Chansley feels disappointed for taking part in an event he would not participate in were it not for the encouragement he received from the former president.

Jacob Anthony Chansley, better known as Jake Angeli or ‘QAnon Shaman’, was one of the most prominent figures of the U.S. Capitol storming that took place on January 6th this year.

Chansley was part of the group that forcefully entered the Congress intending to interrupt the joint session which was held to certify the results of the November general election in which Trump lost to Joe Biden.

Shaman blames Trump for the Capital riots

Five people died as a result of an attack, including one police officer.

His lawyer Watkins tried to explain that the “lies and hyperboles” of the former president incited Chansley and other rioters to get involved in an event they would not have joined in other circumstances.

He emphasized that Former President Trump should be viewed as a person who literally “invited” Chansley and others to storm the Capitol building during the “Stop the Steal” rally he held just hours before the attack.

Trump didn’t pardon any of the rioters, including the “Shaman”

Earlier this month, Watkins entreated Trump to include his client among the people he plans to pardon on the last day of his term.

Even though Trump pardoned a lot of his political supporters (such as Steve Bannon) and many other people (like rapper Lil Wayne), he refused to issue a pardon for any of his supporters who took part in the Capitol storming.

Watkins said he and his client supposed that Trump will pardon his Capitol supporters as an act of gratefulness for their loyalty.

Chansley’s feelings of regret for his actions obviously started to develop after he realized that Trump failed to do what he thought the former president might do.

When asked for a comment about the situation, Chansley’s mother did not have anything to say.

As for now, Chansley is kept in Arizona prison, waiting for his trial to begin.

He is being charged with the crimes of disorderly conduct, violent entry, and illegal stay on the restricted area of Capitol.

Given the severity of these crimes and the effect Capitol storming had on the public, both domestically and internationally, Chansley is potentially facing a very long prison sentence.

Trump’s pardon was perhaps his last hope for experiencing freedom in the nearer future.