Democrats have always had a well-deserved reputation as being weak on defense. The most recent example is their treatment of the National Guardsmen who were called to defend Congress for the presidential inauguration. In the Capitol complex itself, Guardsmen were forced to live in squalid conditions and often denied access to restrooms.

Soldiers Made to Sleep in Hallways and Garages

Photos emerged of lines of soldiers sleeping on the floor of the Capitol. Now that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi control Congress, they are responsible for the conditions that Guardsmen face in the building. The evidence showed a lack of respect for the troops protecting the Capitol.

It turns out that Pelosi met with the Secretary of the Army to demand nearly 15,000 troops be posted to the Capitol. However, she never took the time to have anyone devise a logistical plan to facilitate this. The result was that the troops were subject to worse conditions than they would have faced in many places in Afghanistan; many were forced to sleep in parking garages.

Take the Pictures Before Throwing Out the Troops

Of course, this was after members of Congress tried to reap positive press with pictures showing them supporting the troops. Their true thanks came a day later when the troops were banished to the parking garage. Not only were they kicked to the curb, but Guardsmen were publicly questioned as a security threat while serving their country.

For her part, Pelosi refused to respond to any criticism of her treatment of the troops. Instead, her daughter responded with a snarky tweet that referenced President Trump. However, Trump was perhaps the best friend that the military ever had and would have never let Guardsmen be treated in this manner.