In only his second day in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden already faces intense scrutiny from the right. On Thursday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed articles of impeachment against the 46th president of the United States. The Republican from Georgia filed the articles on the basis that the president routinely abused his power while serving as vice president under President Barack Obama.

Statement From Greene

In the official statement, Greene cited Biden’s repeated attempts to bail out his son, Hunter. She also accused the president of using foreign money to boost his own bank account. Greene said that Biden is a threat to national security and should be removed from office. The articles of impeachment laid out six major bullet points. The key theme throughout the argument was that Biden endangered his country and its government through his nepotism toward his son.

It is important to note that although Greene used the involvement with Ukraine as her reason for filing the articles, the involvement in nefarious business deals with the Chinese may be a bigger threat for the Biden administration.

Where Will This Attempt to Impeach Go?

While Republicans are chomping at the bit to remove Biden from office, this attempt at impeachment is not likely to go anywhere. Greene is best known for her support of various QAnon conspiracy theories, not winning her much support from the traditional conservatives in the party. However, the conservative base is no doubt happy to see that the Burisma scandal is once again being put at the forefront of the discussion about the Biden family.