One of the star witnesses for the Democrats during last year’s impeachment trial was recently exposed for lying about her involvement in the case. Former President Donald Trump was brought to trial for impeachment last year, however, he was not convicted by the Senate. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Fiona Hill had lied about the extent of her contacts with Christopher Steele, throwing into question the whole basis of the impeachment.

Understanding the Case

Hill was the director for Russia and Eurasia for the National Security Council during a large part of the time when Trump was in office. During her time in this role, Hill introduced Steele, a former British spy, to Igor Danchenko, a former think tank analyst who is best known as being the main source of information detailing the dossier on Trump.

All of this information came out on Tuesday when Trump ordered the FBI to declassify a series of previously classified notes.

What the Declassified Information Revealed

In the newly declassified notes, it was revealed that Hill did not fess up to being the mediator between the introduction of Steele and Danchenko. Not only did she keep this secret while working for the Trump administration, but she also did not reveal it during her testimony to Congress as part of the Trump impeachment hearings.

In addition, Steele has described Hill as a close friend, further proving the relationship between the two that Hill tried to downplay. Not only was Hill friends with Steele, but she also took the extra step to introduce him to Danchenko. This revelation illustrates that Hill was simply out to save her own name when she testified to Congress.