The recently inaugurated President Biden has claimed in an interview that he believes the Senate Democrats will be unable to convict his predecessor, President Trump, at his upcoming Senate trial next month for allegedly inciting an insurrection against the United States government.

What did Biden say?

President Biden stated in an interview with CNN that the Senate will not have enough Republican votes to convict the former President Trump in his Senate trial, which will formally begin on Tuesday as numerous Senators will be sworn in to act as jurors for the trial before the Senate is due to take a two-week hiatus to allow Trump to gather evidence and mount a defense.

The Senate, which is split 50/50, will need 17 Republicans to turn their backs to the former President in order for the Democrats to win a 2/3rds majority for the conviction of President Trump.

However, President Biden, who sat in the Senate for over 3 and a half decades, has claimed that this is very unlikely to happen.

Biden stated that although “the Senate has changed since I was there, it hasn’t changed that much”, whilst reaffirming his belief that the trial is a necessity for “accountability”.

However, President Biden also recognizes the effect this trial will have on his administration, as the Senate recess means he cannot propose any new legislation until the trial has concluded.

The Impeachment Process

On Monday, House Representatives delivered the single article of Impeachment to be read on the Senate floor, with Senators due to be sworn in as acting jurors on Tuesday.

The article sets the charge against former President Donald Trump, accusing him of inciting an insurrection against the United States government.

The article also sets out, under the 14th Amendment, if a conviction is reached then the former President will not have any of the special privileges as former presidents usually have.

He will also be barred from running and holding public and national office, ending any hopes of a Trump second term in 2024.

The trial is due to commence on the 9th of February, however, it is unclear who will preside over the trial, as Vice President and President of the Senate Kamala Harris has withdrawn and will not oversee the proceedings.

The impeachment trial is counterproductive

Many Republican Senators, who previously denounced the actions of the former President, have begun to waiver their support for the Impeachment.

One of those Senators is Marco Rubio, who believes that the trial is “counterproductive” and that he thinks that it is “An arrogant statement for anyone to make. Voters get to decide that. Who are we to tell voters who they can vote for in the future?”.

The belief amongst many Senate Republicans is that of agreement, agreeing that the Senate should not be able to convict a former President.

It is highly likely that the trial will not lead to a conviction of Donald Trump, much to the disappointment of the Democrats.