Nearly a week after the inauguration of President Biden, former President Donald Trump has officially opened his “Office of the Former President”, based out in Palm Beach County in Florida, where he now lives.

What’s the office about?

The former President Trump has now established his own office, with the purpose of overseeing all of his affairs; ranging from “correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities”.

The Office of the Former President sent out a statement to all major US media outlets to run the story, allowing the American public to know that the 45th isn’t done just yet!

The statement also cited that the Office will be looking to “advance the interests of the United States” as well as advance the agenda of the former administration through “advocacy, organizing, and public activism”.

The creation of this office comes in the wake of personal turmoil for the former President, having been banned from almost every single social media outlet, including his favorite form of communication with the American public - Twitter.

During the final two weeks of his presidency, Trump issued statements that had to be broadcasted through the White House website and through the social media accounts of the White House and of his son, Eric Trump.

So, what’s next for the former President?

Many rumors have circled around online as to what Donald Trump’s next move will be, ranging from the creation of a new social media outlet to another “go” at the presidency in 2024.

Many believed the rumors that Trump was exploring the idea of creating his own political party in order to get back into power.

However, the effect of this would be far greater than anyone could imagine; no doubt causing a split in the Republican voter base, effectively allowing the Democrats to hold onto the presidency for as long as they please.

The possibility of such a scenario occurring has been ruled out by the Trump 2020 campaign’s senior advisor Jason Miller, who stated that Trump will not run for the presidency on a third-party ticket in 2024, instead, he will focus his efforts on helping the Republicans regain control of the House and Senate in the midterms next year.

The possibility of Trump running for the presidency again hinges on whether the Senate votes to convict him for inciting an insurrection, in a trial that is due to begin in two weeks’ time.

If convicted, former President Trump can wave goodbye to any chance of holding public office again.

The creation of the Office of the Former President is an exciting story that allows many of Trump’s followers to keep up to date and engaged with what the former President is up to.

It’s tough to predict his next move, however, the creation of this office signals that it could be an exciting one!