It took only a few days for the con job that Joe Biden pulled on most of the American public to become apparent. President Trump warned that Biden was going to be a Trojan horse for the Radical Left no matter how much Biden denied it. With his executive orders over the first few days of his administration, Biden showed who he really was all along.

Emptying Out ICE Facilities and Amnesty

Immediately, Biden moved to reinstate the use of critical race theory and empty out ICE facilities throughout the country. He also proposed widespread amnesty for illegal aliens and pulled the plug on the Keystone Pipeline. This was just in the first week of his time in office. The truth is that Biden was and always will be beholden to AOC and her ilk.

Even unions that endorsed Biden for president are now having buyer’s remorse. For example, unions now stand to lose tens of thousands of jobs thanks to Biden’s Keystone cancellation. However, Biden’s stance should have come as no mystery. This is what the Democrats promised they would do all along. Anyone who supported Biden because they thought he was moderate was only falling victim to the veneer that was more of a mirage. They simply saw what they wanted to see instead of the truth.

Even the McCains Were Deceived

Even Meghan McCain feels hoodwinked by Biden. Her family went out of their way to make a public show of support for Biden, only to feel duped by COVID hypocrisy. Nobody should be surprised. The Radical Left telegraphed exactly what Biden would do, and he is now paying back the debt that he owes to them with executive orders and proposed legislation to pacify the extremist elements of his party.