Under the Biden administration, “catch and release” has become just plain “release.” An internal ICE memo in the first days of Biden’s term shows exactly how far that he is prepared to go to halt immigration enforcement. ICE has been ordered to stop deportation and release illegal aliens in its custody. All removals are to stop, and with the threat of removal gone, most people held would be back out on the streets.

Convicted Criminals May Be Out on the Streets

There are over 14,000 people who were in ICE custody. Seventy-one percent of these detainees are convicted criminals or are facing criminal charges. However, the Biden administration does not see fit to remove these people from the United States. Instead, it wants to put them right back into the middle of your community.

Biden is taking the first step to making his open borders policy a reality. In addition to stopping removals, he has proposed an immigration bill that allows for amnesty. In this memo, even detainees without sponsors in this country are eligible to be released.

States Are Fighting Back

States are already fighting back against this travesty. The attorney general of Texas, a state at ground zero of the illegal immigration disaster, has filed a lawsuit against the federal government’s policy. He claims that the recent ICE guidance is unconstitutional. President Trump was forceful and authoritative on the illegal immigration issue. Now, Biden threatens to undo everything that Trump did with the stroke of a pen. He has already put a stop to border wall construction. With Biden in charge, America can count on its borders being overrun once again as they were before 2016. Now, the country will be rolling out the welcome mat for illegal aliens once again.