Under the heading of “that did not take long,” numerous Joe Biden voters have already expressed buyer’s remorse after voting for Joe Biden in November. Apparently, they are just starting to realize that they supported someone who will directly attack their own interests in the name of being nice.

Biden Moves to Kill Jobs on Day One

Text conversations among Biden voters that were shared on Twitter show the depth of discontent that is already setting in with Biden. His first major offense was cutting off the Keystone XL pipeline in a move that will cost over 70,000 jobs. Many of the people who would otherwise be working due to this project were Biden voters. He then proceeded to order ICE prisons emptied and left National Guardsmen stranded in the Capitol garage. This was all in three days of work for Biden.

Voters are now realizing that they were duped by the moderate persona that Biden projected. Many could have told you that a candidate who was playing ideological footsie with the Radical Left could never be a moderate. However, many believed Biden when he made his campaign about character. The man who promised to govern as a moderate seemed very much like AOC from the second he took the oath of office.

The Regret Will Only Build

Over the next few months, more regrets will set in among hoodwinked voters. However, they will need to wait until 2022 to punish the Democrats. In the meantime, voters will need to promise that they will not get fooled again by the next Democrat who winks at them and says that they are a centrist. By then, the damage that Biden has wrought will be fully on display for all voters to see.