Many anti-MAGA supporters believe that now that Biden is sworn in, it is the end of Trump’s road. The truth is far from this. Trump can file for a writ of quo warranto. It will contain all the evidence of corruption to show the election were doctored. If Trump walks away now, it means that he believes the election was fair. Since he has evidence of what transpired, he can prove that Biden got into office using fraudulent means.

The Last Resort

The thing is, any election can be challenged by using the writ of quo warranto. The proper venue to challenge the election of a seating president is the D.C. District Court. If Trump fails to do this, then it means he has quit. He needs to bring all the receipts to court, as this is the only way for his case to stand. It will also be a public admission that no lawlessness happened in the elections.

As soon as Biden gets sworn in, Trump can file for the writ of quo warranto. The only way to deal with the gaslighting is a jury trial. Without going to trial, the current propaganda being spread will not end.

Another reason why a writ of quo warranto should be filed is the persecution of politicians that supported the elections’ investigation. Georgia senators Brandon Beach and Burt Jones were stripped of their committee chairs. The quo warranto statute makes it possible for them to bring quo warranto action too.

Although there are very few sites talking about this, the writ of quo warranto is something that can be done. Before Trump accepts defeat, he should try this too. It is the only way to show the actual truth of what happened in the election.