It is clear that the Democrats have an agenda to pack the Supreme Court. Speaking at a Brookings Institute forum on the topic of court reform, former Attorney General Eric Holder said that he thinks Democrats should pack the court. Holder was attorney general under former President Barack Obama and has built a reputation on his far-left political leanings.

Many Democrats have been pushing for expanding the court ever since former President Donald Trump was able to push through three new Supreme Court judges during his four-year tenure, sending the court to a decisive conservative majority. Because so many of these justices are young and not likely to leave their posts soon, the left is looking to expand the court in order to pull even with the Republicans.

How Packing the Court Would Work

In order to make this happen, the Democrats would need to work on passing legislation that would allow the highest court in the land to add seats. From there, it would take a Senate majority to fill these vacancies with Democrat-leaning justices.

Holder’s Argument

Holder contended in the presentation on Monday that there are three realities. He first said that progressives are largely uncomfortable when they gain more power while conservatives embrace this power. Secondly, he said that there is no denying that the Supreme Court and the lower courts are indeed political bodies despite the belief by many that they are impartial. Lastly, Holder argued that the Supreme Court had previously sided with the status quo in most decisions, even if this brings harm to the founding ideals of the nation.