Former President Donald Trump is not wasting any time getting back to work. Less than one week after departing the Oval Office for the last time, Trump has officially opened the Office of the Former President in Palm Beach County, Florida, the site of his new home.

The opening of this office is a smart troll job against new President Joe Biden. Shortly after the election, Biden opened the Office of the President-Elect in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Biden used this office to give speeches, conduct virtual meetings, and more, pretending like he was president before the election had even been certified. The move was an attempt to put the focus on the incoming administration while minimizing Trump’s questioning on the integrity of the election.

Official Statement Regarding Trump’s Office

The official statement regarding the opening of the office is clearly positioning the former president as an advocate for all Americans. While many people in the Republican Party had worried that Trump would try to form his own third party, it is looking more likely that he plans to use his power and popularity to carry on his past legacy through the use of specific acts of activism and the formation of advocacy groups.

Future of the Republican Party

Where this leaves the future of the Republican Party is unclear at this point. The Republican National Committee (RNC) would be wise to embrace Trump despite his faults. The last five years have demonstrated that his popularity is unrivaled, turning the traditional Republican Party from the advocate of corporate America to a champion for middle America and its citizens.