Long before Joe Biden was even officially nominated by the Democratic Party to be its candidate for the 2020 presidential election, there were serious questions about Biden’s mental acuity and indications that he was developing dementia.

On far too many occasions to count, Biden would lose his place as he was speaking, become confused, forget what he was going to say, and lash out in frustration. A common move for him during these moments, seen many times, would be to pause mid-sentence and suddenly say, “Look…” in a clearly angry and frustrated tone before beginning to speak again. Biden would sometimes tell rambling and incoherent stories with no evident purpose behind them, like the famous “Corn Pop” story that sent the internet both laughing and scratching its collective head.

Unfortunately, nothing about the Biden presidency as it has thus far developed has done anything to allay any of these concerns.

Biden’s Handlers Are Fielding Questions for Him

Rather than engage in anything like a proper relationship with the press, which should be at least somewhat adversarial as the press works to hold the powerful to account, Biden’s White House staffers have instead taken to calling on reporters for him before they are allowed to ask their questions.

Each reporter is called on by name and one at a time, presumably so that Biden does not get lost in the confusion and welter of it all and blurts out something incoherent or embarrassing.

At least since Biden won the Democratic nomination, the press has been working overtime to treat him with kid gloves and disguise the obvious: that Biden has dementia and that his cognitive function is declining with each passing day. This recent arrangement with the press only confirms still further the media’s readiness to go easy on him.

Comparisons to Trump and Jen Psaki

Biden’s pressers are almost unbelievably subdued and controlled affairs compared to those of his predecessor. When Donald Trump spoke to the press, the atmosphere was imbued with a chaos that the former president clearly thrived on.

He fielded questions, fired backed in response to media lies and mischaracterization, and dealt with the press completely on his own. Not only that, but Trump also did not deal with the glorified water carriers that the press has become for Biden. The media’s unreasonable and irrational hostility against Trump was the stuff of legends.

Even in comparison to the press conferences and briefings of his own press secretary, Jen Psaki, Biden’s pressers are incredibly languid and choreographed affairs. While the media is happy to throw her plenty of risible softball questions as well, at least she is able to answer questions on the fly.

So, Who’s Really in Charge Here?

If Biden can scarcely field a reporter’s question without training wheels, then it raises serious questions about whether he even has the cognitive capacity to run the country. And if he doesn’t, then who is really in charge? Kamala Harris? Some faceless cabal of deep state bureaucrats?

Regardless of the answer, the fact that people need to even ask such questions at all is deeply worrying.