It is no secret that media personality Meghan McCain did not support the 2020 election campaign of former President Donald Trump. The daughter of the late Sen. John McCain has been clear in her dislike for Trump, largely due to the contentious relationship that he had with her father.

But McCain is now coming to the defense of Republicans while slamming fellow media mogul Katie Couric in the process.

McCain Disappointed That Democrats Are Not Encouraging Unity

In a recent episode of “The View,” McCain used her platform as one of the talk show’s hosts to criticize Democrats and their friendly media for not encouraging a sense of unity after the election. McCain expressed her disappointment that Couric and her colleagues have said that the Trump supporters and others in the Republican Party need to be deprogrammed.

McCain correctly pointed out that 4 in 10 Republicans say that they feel disenfranchised, making them available for the Democrats to include in their plans to move forward as one nation. Instead, the left-leaning media is falling on this narrative that the Republicans need to be deprogrammed because they have been dehumanized by Trump.

Democrats Need Reality Check

While the media and Democratic leaders are pushing this belief that the conservatives need to be deprogrammed, it is actually the left that needs a reality check. Rather than demonizing the Republicans to build the hateful rhetoric against them, they need to come together and embrace those that feel disenfranchised. This is the way that the country will be able to move forward.