Many have wondered if President Biden is up to the mental demands of being president of the United States. During his first press conference, one thing became abundantly clear. Reporters chosen to ask questions will be those who favor the president’s ideas. T.J. Ducklo, the deputy White House press secretary, says that those reporters who support conspiracy theories, propaganda and use lies to spread disinformation will not be able to attend White House press briefings.

Who Gets to Ask President Biden Questions?

Currently, just 14 reporters are allowed in the room because of pandemic concerns. The White House Communications Agency says they are working with news outlets to rotate seats, so that good reporters get a chance to ask questions. Yet, many news organizations that may have a right-wing bend or be more middle-of-the-road say that they cannot ask questions.

Biden’s First Press Briefing

During his first press briefing, an off-stage voice could be heard telling President Biden who to call on to ask the next question. Reporters who got a turn came from The Associated Press, The Washington Post, NBC News, Reuters, Bloomberg News, and Fox News. Allowing these outlets to ask questions meant that all the questions were very soft, like how Biden felt on Inauguration Day and Air Force One’s new interior.

Walking Into a Lion’s Den

Trump critic Tim Miller says that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki did a remarkable job handling the press. He says that allowing some pro-Trump reporters access to the president is like going into a lion’s den. He says giving them access legitimizes their outlets while denying them may look like they are attempting to hide something.

The White House has not announced the final list of reporters who will be allowed into White House press briefings. They say they are quickly working through the list of applicants.