US Representative Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez once again displayed her lack of class on Twitter this week, after Texas Senator, and online foe, Ted Cruz extended his support to AOC’s stance on the GameStop/Wall Street saga.

In a rare moment of agreement, Senator Cruz extended his support for AOC’s position on the issue, after numerous clashes between the pair online.

However, in an unsurprising reply, AOC hit back at the Senator, rejecting his support whilst falsely accusing him of trying to get her killed.

What was said?

In the wake of the situation occurring with the GameStop stocks, that being a massive influx in prices as ordinary retailers held onto them, many trading sites such as Robinhood decided to restrict access to ordinary traders, whilst allowing big Wall Street Hedge funds to continue as normal. AOC condemned this action as “unacceptable”, citing that the company now needs to release details defending this position, as ordinary American retail investors face the prospect of losing out on stock purchases through Robinhood.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, in a rare moment of unity between the two parties, threw his support behind the Democrat’s statement, tweeting “Fully agree”.

Unity? AOC: Nope!

However, instead of acknowledging this rare instance of common ground being shared, AOC decided to go on the offensive against her congressional counterpart, rebuffing his support whilst stating that the congressman “almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago”, continuing her false claims that Ted Cruz supported the violence being taken against the US government, with his only crime being voting for a review into the 2020 election process.

AOC continued her attack, claiming that she was happy to work with “almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed”, before, once again, calling for the duly elected Senator to resign from his position.

This is just the latest in a series of Twitter disputes between the pair, who have formed somewhat of a rivalry in recent weeks after AOC accused Cruz and other GOP lawmakers of inciting the violence at the Capitol Hill riots.

Senator Cruz, a principled man, continues to rebuff these accusations by the US Rep, defending his position multiple times in their many Twitter arguments, whilst AOC continues her attacks against the Republican party, contradicting the message of unity being broadcasted by President Biden.