“Inside every Socialist, there is a Capitalist screaming to get out”.

The wise words of Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary, who became a proud owner of US Representative Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez’s merchandise this week, after he spent a whopping $67 on a “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt from the official AOC store.

His purchase, and extensive analysis of the potential profit margin being made by AOC, led to O’Leary proposing a business plan to her on Twitter, with the belief that the pair could make a lot of money together.

What’s this about AOC’s sweatshirts?

In December, Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, who many believe to be the socialist prodigy of Bernie Sanders, unveiled her line of official merchandise for her supporters to buy and pre-order, at a “small, reasonable” price of $65. Why is this significant?

AOC is a proud socialist, supporting extreme policies that involve taxing wealthier individuals at an incredibly high rate and is a vocal critic of those who create wealth through ways such as branding…something which AOC has decided to do herself.

She received a massive backlash online, not only because of the extortionate price of the products, but also because of the branding, “Tax the Rich” being slapped on a $65 sweatshirt, contradicting everything single thing she believes in, whilst taking advantage of her huge brand and following as any good capitalist would!

To his credit, Bernie Sanders this week showed AOC how to do it the socialist way after he became a meme at President Biden’s inauguration.

Sanders’ team designed and produced sweatshirts that had this meme imprinted on them, whilst sending all profits to a charity in his home state of Vermont.

All of the profit AOC made went straight into her back pocket.

So, what did O’Leary propose?

O’Leary, like any businessman worth their salt, saw this opportunity to reach out to a political figure who’s new to the capitalist game.

He proposed, via Twitter, that the pair should work together after he noticed the very high earning potential for a product like this.

He claimed that there is an 85% gross profit margin if she continues to charge at the current rate, after O’Leary spent a total of $67.22 on the “Tax the Rich” sweatshirt, piquing his interest in working with the Congresswoman.

O’Leary donned the product in his video proudly, with one simple demand; that he receives only 7% royalties from the sales, a fair offer.

It is unknown if AOC has seen the offer, however, as she takes her first steps in the wonderful world of capitalism, some argue that she would be a fool to turn this chance down.