In a time where the term “dictator” is tossed around without meaning, President Joe Biden, in his first week in office, has signed an unprecedented number of executive orders.

His predecessor, President Trump, was often labelled as a “fascist dictator” for signing a large number of executive orders, however, Biden has beaten him when it comes to the number of signed orders.

But first, what is an executive order?

An executive order is basically a means of issuing a federal directive that comes from the office of President of the United States, that handles issues of the federal government.

Presidents use these executive orders to set their agenda or to bypass Congress if a policy is struggling to be agreed upon.

What are some of Biden’s orders?

President Biden has signed a total of 42 executive orders within his first week as President, having one of the highest tally’s since records began.

In his first day, he signed 9 orders into law, the most of any President in history.

In his first 3 days, he signed 19 orders into law; 12 more than the previous 4 Presidents combined that came before him.

So, what are some of Biden’s orders?

Many have been extremely controversial in the eyes of the Republican party and some centrists; given his insistence on allowing trans-women to participate in women’s and girls’ sports and his virtue-signalling reversal of Trump’s trans military ban, despite the number of trans soldiers across the board being a mere 9,000.

Added to these reversals, Biden has signed off on the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, a project that was due to add 11,000 jobs to an already broken economy, despite the fact the project passed environmental regulations set out by the Obama administration.

On top of this, President Biden has also, illegally, signed off on an order to re-join the Paris treaty.

This order is illegal as the US Constitution sets out that in order for the US to join a treaty, the President must first seek the approval and ratification by Congress.

However, many of Biden’s orders have been centred around combating the Covid-19 pandemic, as he sets out his agenda for the next few months.

Biden has signed off on multiple coronavirus orders that involve; border closures to and from nations that have high infection rates/new strains, ramping up vaccination production and the sharing of coronavirus data, ordering the HHS and Department of Education to set guidelines for how schools can reopen safely, ordering international travellers to provide evidence of a negative Covid test before entering the country and cancelling the withdrawal of the US from the World Health Organisation.

However, despite all of the positive actions the President is taking with regards to the pandemic, his orders concerning immigration let him down greatly.

Immigration orders have already caused negative consequences

President Biden cancelled the immigration ban for 7 middle eastern countries, despite the fact he helped Obama draw up the original list.

Construction of Trump’s border wall has been cancelled, putting thousands of builders out of work whilst reducing protection at the southern border as well as strengthening DACA, which encourages more illegal immigration and ordering states such as Texas to pause deportations for a minimum of 90 days.

President Biden has set out a vast number of executive orders, some good, some not that good.

But one question remains: If Trump was supposedly a dictator, despite only signing 28 executive orders in his first 100 days…what does that make Biden?