Big social media companies have been working overtime to gaslight the public and persuade people that Joe Biden is a legitimate president who truly won the election and received more votes than anyone else in American history.

This coordinated campaign began by branding anyone who alleged the existence of significant and outcome-changing amounts of fraud in the 2020 election as a “conspiracy theorist” and banning him from sharing proof of fraud online. Eventually, many such people had their social media accounts removed entirely.

Regardless of how much evidence of election fraud these people tried presenting — and there are mountains of evidence — Big Tech tried silencing their voices.

Big Tech seems willing to do anything to try and keep people from realizing that Biden’s “presidency” is basically a giant Potemkin village, and now they have stepped things up even further.

It turns out that Biden’s Twitter followers, just like many of his votes in 2020, are fake.

Social Media Manipulation

Signs that social media companies were trying to manufacture an illusion of popularity for Biden appeared early. People on YouTube captured screenshots proving that YouTube has been deleting and artificially suppressing the number of downvotes on the videos on Biden’s White House YouTube account. Negative comments are also being deleted.

In many cases, the ratio of downvotes to upvotes became so embarrassingly high — often six or seven to one, even with the help of algorithmic manipulation — that many of Biden’s White House YouTube videos were unlisted so that people could no longer watch them.

When Biden’s inauguration was being livestreamed, many YouTube streams shut off their live chats so that people would not be able to tell the so-called “president” and the party of criminals who installed him into office what they really thought of them.

And now, it seems, Twitter has also been providing Biden with fake followers.

Twitter Manufactures Popularity for Biden

A Twitter user named Bre Wylde performed an analysis of Biden’s Twitter followers and found that well over half of them appear to have only just joined Twitter in the month of January. They have no followers of their own and few, if any, posts. This is already a major indication that these accounts are fake.

It’s a common practice for vain, wannabe online influencers to pay companies to create fake followers for them so that they can conjure up the illusion that they are popular. It’s hoped that the illusion will gather momentum of its own and become reality. If people think that someone is popular, they will follow them just to get in on the fun. It’s absolutely pathetic that a president has to resort to something like this.

What’s even more pathetic is that even with all of these fake followers, Biden still has only about 7% of the following that Trump had on the same platform! Before Twitter permanently suspended his account, Trump had a gargantuan 89 million followers.

Biden, after adjusting for manipulation, probably has only about 3% of that.

How can anyone be blamed for thinking that Biden may have stolen the election if things like this are happening?