It did not take long for Joe Biden to be sued for overreach in his Executive Orders. This is generally what happens when a president tries to govern like a monarch. Here, Biden has been taken to court for his moratorium on leasing on federal lands. While the language of the Executive Order tries to couch the ban by using innocuous words such as “pause,” for all intents and purposes, it is a halt.

Biden’s Arbitrary Order

The federal government has a legal obligation to think through the consequences of its actions. Otherwise, a court could strike the Executive Order down as being arbitrary and capricious. Here, Biden is exceeding his authority to ban leasing on federal lands. The president simply does not have the legal ability to do this. Congress has already directed that these lands be developed.

This puts funding for all the national parks and federal lands at risk since it strips them of a valuable source of money. This will take billions of dollars away from states in the West. The Executive Order is just the latest salvo in the Democrats’ longstanding “War on the West.” State budgets in the affected area will have a huge hole blown through them as their tax revenues plummet.

U.S. Energy Independence Is at Risk

At the same time, Biden is also risking our newfound energy independence at a time when prices at the pump are starting to rise. This will hurt American consumers right in the middle of a recession. However, this is not surprising because this is what the Left telegraphed that Biden would do once in office. The hope is that the federal judiciary can put the brakes on Biden’s unreasonable use of the power he does not have.