Another day, another out-of-touch elitist who cares nothing about the plebs. This time, the modern-day aristocrat who has chosen to exhibit his sneering contempt for the little people is none other than the so-called President Joe Biden.

In mere days, the Biden administration has been firing off executive orders and killing jobs with seemingly total abandon. The most famous case of this to date has been its halting of construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline, a move that has not only vaporized thousands of blue-collar jobs but has also alienated unions that supported Biden during the 2020 election.

This is bad enough, but Biden has now decided to add insult to injury by simply ignoring questions about the effects of his policies on ordinary Americans.

Biden Doesn’t Care

After delivering some remarks on Jan. 27, Biden was asked a number of questions by a few reporters. One reporter, in particular, attempted to ask him, “Sir, what sacrifices are you asking Americans to make?”

The question was in reference to Biden’s remarks about climate change. Biden had said that the supposed threat posed by climate change would require Americans to make “sacrifices” of all sorts. Wealthy elitists like Biden, who will do well no matter what happens, would be exempt from such sacrifices, of course. Their burden would fall on ordinary men and women.

This reporter attempted to get some clarification from Biden about just what sort of sacrifices he had in mind. After all, ending work on the Keystone XL Pipeline wasn’t Biden’s only move to gut the energy sector. He’s also prohibited further oil and gas extraction on federal lands for 60 days and has signed the U.S. back onto the Paris Climate Accords.

But as can be seen on video, when the reporter tried asking his question, Biden simply walked away and ignored him.

That tells observers everything they need to know about Biden’s real priorities, doesn’t it?

If pushing the climate change agenda hurts ordinary people’s economic prospects, this clearly means nothing to people like him.