The administration of President Joe Biden is not happy that the normally left-friendly New York Times threw a dose of criticism at the new president for leaning too heavily on executive orders. A recent editorial in the newspaper told Biden to “ease up” on the executive orders, following a long list of legislation that the president has signed into law after taking office less than two weeks ago on Jan. 20.

Editorial Far From Scathing

It is hard to see fault in the latest editorial in the New York Times. From a paper that was known to heavily criticize former President Donald Trump, this piece against Biden was relatively mild in nature. The op-ed simply pointed out that the president may be reaching a little too far with his pen, cautioning Biden that he may be inviting court intervention by going too far.

Biden PR Team Reaction

In response to the editorial, the Biden PR team went into full rebuttal mode. Communications Director Kate Bedingfield took to Twitter to offer up that the president was only working to reverse the orders by Trump, asking readers what actions they would prefer he sit on.

Executive Action Not Good Form

Presidents who use executive actions as a chief way to govern are doomed to fail. The swift action with the pen suggests that the administration is not willing to work with Congress to pass legislation, instead choosing to override the opinions of their own Congress. The last three presidents have set a dangerous precedent in relying on executive orders to pass their agendas.