According to several media sources, five lawyers of former US President Donald Trump’s legal defense team said that they will not represent him during the impeachment trial.

This news comes as a shock knowing that there is only a week left before the trial takes place.

Five attorneys, including two leaders of the New York billionaire’s legal team, have cut ties with him after disagreements over the proceedings in legal defense.

Among the lawyers who resigned are Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier who were supposed to be Donald Trump’s legal defense team leaders.

The same media reported that Trump wanted his lawyers to continue pursuing the story of mass presidential election fraud, thanks to which Joe Biden won, instead of focusing on the legality of prosecuting the president who is no longer in office.

In his short address to the media via Twitter, Jason Miller, Trump’s adviser, said that a final decision on the former president’s legal team had not yet been made and that the public would be informed in a timely manner.

Trump doesn’t want to give up on the “stolen” election story

The trial for “inciting a rebellion” following the incursion of the protesters into the Capitol on January 6 is set to begin on February 9.

Many political commentators feel that the former president does not want to give up the story of the alleged rigging of the election due to the low chance of his conviction.

In order to convict the former President, the Democrats would have to get the two-thirds majority, which in this case is 67 senators.

At the moment, only five Republican senators are willing to join their 50 Democratic colleagues, so it is unlikely that the conviction will happen.

It is hard to expect some more Republican representatives to change their decision, as 45 out of 50 voted against the impeachment process earlier this month.

Former President Trump now has a new challenge to assemble a quality legal team and prepare his defense.

There is not much time left.