Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke with reporters Thursday morning, stating her belief that the true danger to the security of Congress is within its own House of Representatives. The comments by the Democratic leader from California come after some Republican members of Congress have come under fire from their opponents because of alleged violent rhetoric and an attempt to bring a weapon onto the House floor.

Pelosi Did Not List Names

While Pelosi did not specifically call out any members of Congress, it was clear that she was referring to Rep. Lauren Boebert as being enemy number one. The Republican representative from Colorado attempted to bring a gun onto the floor of Congress before she was stopped by authorities.

Pelosi’s Hypocrisy

Critics of Pelosi point to the fact that despite thousands of troops stationed outside of the US Capitol, she is still calling for more security measures. Pelosi continues to blame former President Donald Trump for inciting this violence and alleges that members of Congress are wanting to bring weapons to the floor of the House because of the rhetoric.

Why the Remarks

Pelosi was addressing a letter that she received early Thursday from 30 members of the House, asking for more flexibility in using their official congressional allowances to pay for extra personal safety measures. The letter also requested that this allowance could be put toward hiring security for the offices in their home districts. Pelosi used this request from her colleagues to continue to allege that the true danger is coming from within the House itself.