On Thursday, January 28, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi requested that more security be provided around Congress and the House Chamber.

Her stated reasons for this request are proof — as if any were truly needed — that politics never really end and that politicians will lie and abase themselves to any degree necessary if they believe they can secure a political advantage by doing so.

Pelosi’s justification for beefing up security must be heard to be believed.

Elitists With Armed Guards Apparently Don’t Have Enough Security

Of course, it’s beyond obvious by now that every power grab that politicians will want to make going forward, both major and minor, will be justified with references to the January 6 Capitol Hill riot.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear about that event: as stupid and ill-advised as it may have been to go inside the Capitol Building — even though it’s overwhelmingly clear that police allowed protestors inside and that whatever violence did occur there was originally instigated by infiltrators from BLM and Antifa — at absolutely no point during this so-called “siege” was any congressman or senator’s life in even the slightest genuine danger.

As can be easily seen from multiple photos, the protestors who made their way into the House or Senate chambers were basically clueless hooligans who were more interested in taking selfies and stealing a few things as jokes than they were in actually harming people or in causing destruction.

No matter, however. Those like AOC are dead set on milking this for everything it’s worth. The New York Representative just can’t seem to stop spinning tall tales about how her life was supposedly in danger.

And, of course, we can’t have a Democratic power grab without Nancy Pelosi getting herself a piece of the action. As is to be expected, she absolutely must start grandstanding at a time like this. Pelosi said, “I do believe — and I have said this all along — that we probably need… more security for members when the enemy is within the House of Representatives, a threat that members are concerned about in addition to what’s happening outside.”

She plans to meet with Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré to work out a new security plan for the House.

What “Enemy”?

What in the world could Pelosi be referring to when she speaks of an “enemy” in the House? She’s probably referring to an incident in which Maryland Republican Representative Andy Harris set off a metal detector because he walked into the Congressional Building with a gun on his person.

This is being spun as the story of a rogue Congressman endangering lives and targeting his political opponents, but the real explanation is much more mundane. Harris and his family have received threats from someone who has been released from prison, awaiting a trial. As a precaution, Harris got a gun and a legal license to carry it. Since he usually has the gun with him, he probably forgot that he had it when he walked up to those metal detectors. After being stopped by security, he took the gun and deposited it safely in his office.

Nancy Pelosi is going to increase security for a group of pampered rich people who already have personal armed security details because of this stupid little misunderstanding.

Politicians will do absolutely anything for more power.