Politico’s Tara Palmeri told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that instead of the nation uniting, moves by liberals following the election have only made former President Trump’s image stronger. Additionally, Palmeri says that if Congress impeaches the former president, those followers could become even more outspoken. She says that Trump becomes an even larger figure over the GOP when he stays out of the news.

Anti-Cheney Rallies

Palmeri made her comments while in Wyoming covering anti-Cheney rallies. The reporter said that she went out of her way to find people who would support Liz Cheney, and she could not find any. She says that when she said the representative’s name in a hardware store, a customer shouted a threat. Cheney, who is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is up for election for Wyoming’s at-large seat.

Voters Adamant in Support of Trump

Palmeri says that she is delighted that she went to Wyoming and experienced the pro-Trump movement for herself. She says that many people are adamant in their support of the former president, but they may not openly support the Republican Party. She also stated that there seems to be a growing disconnect between Washington, D.C., and the rest of the country.

Cheney’s Reelection Odds

John McLaughlin told Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly that people outside of Washington, D.C., see trying to impeach the former president as wrong. He says that Cheney’s vote for impeachment blew any chances for her reelection. McLaughlin says that people are tired of the impeachment talk and want Congress to take care of COVID and other pressing matters. He says that their polls show that just 13% of voters would vote to reelect her while only 6% of those who back the former president would vote to return Cheney to office.