Over 44,000 people took to Twitter to post the hashtag #BidenLied over the January 30th weekend. Those people are furious that they do not see a $2,000 stimulus check coming their way after President Biden was elected. Some would settle for a $1,400 stimulus payment, but that check may be a long time coming if it ever does.

No Incentive to Work With Congress

Congress has no real incentive to work with the president. Biden has made it plain that he has no intention of seeking their opinion on many issues by signing over 42 executive orders during his first few weeks in office. That is the most that any president has ever signed within their first month in office.

American Rescue Plan

President Biden may be trying to get legislators to pass his American Rescue Plan. That plan would include $1,400 direct payments to Americans, but many say that is not what he promised while on the campaign trail. The Democrats were particularly vocal, during the Georgia runoff election, about their plan to give taxpayers another $2,000. The plan also calls for a $15 per hour minimum wage. It also increases federal unemployment to $400 per week and extends the program through September.

Economic Security Project’s Letter

Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar and others sent a letter to President Biden and Vice President Harris asking for ongoing support for Americans who have now struggled to meet the demands that COVID put on their lives for over a year. Fifty-four people in Congress signed the letter that asks for them to support $2,000 monthly payments. These congresspeople ask that people needing the most help be prioritized. The letter also asks that anyone living in the United States get the payments.

The Economic Security Project wants the monthly payments to continue until the economy recovers. Then, the plan would send out larger quarterly payments.