Recently, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared a video in which she described what allegedly happened to her during the January Capitol storming perpetrated by Trump supporters.

The account she provided faced numerous criticisms from people who pointed to inconsistencies in her story.

In her video, AOC said that she was in her office when someone tried to enter it and eventually got inside while she was hiding in the bathroom.

She said that not knowing who the person is, she went completely silent to escape danger.

Was it so dramatic? Really?

The Congresswoman stressed that she thought that she will not survive the incident.

Later on, AOC said she realized that the person who entered her office was a Capitol police officer.

Regardless of that, she recounted that she felt very odd because the police officer did not have anyone else accompany him, did not shout, and looked at her in a way that showed ‘anger and hostility’.

This recollection seems inconsistent with AOC’s accusation of murder attempt she previously leveled against Ted Cruz, Republican Senator from Texas.

The video posted by the New York Representative provoked a lot of negative reactions.

One of the most outspoken criticisms came from Republican Representative Nancy Mace from South Carolina.

Is AOC telling the truth?

Mace, whose office is located on the same hallway as is AOS’s, said that it is clear that rioters never entered that part of the Capitol complex.

Namely, AOC’s and Mace’s offices are located in the Cannon building, which is connected to the main Capitol building but is not part of the building itself.

It is well established now that protesters only entered the parts of the main building which include the dome, the Senate, and the House.

Many critics of the account provided by Ocasio-Cortez used the hashtag #AlexandriaOcasioSmollet, thus comparing AOC to actor Jussie Smollett, known for his false stories about being a victim of the hate crime.

In response to her critics, AOC characterized what they are saying as a ‘manipulation’ coming from the right side of the political spectrum.

She wrote that the storming did not merely occur in the dome but in other parts of the Capitol complex as well.

AOC emphasized that rioters tried to get into the office buildings of congressmen, citing this as a reason why she and her colleagues had to be evacuated.

In the end, the New York Representative wrote that she sympathizes with all the ‘trauma survivors’ who are not being believed for what they say.