Joe Biden and the Democrats have already been sharply criticized over the fact that they promised voters $2,000 stimulus checks but will only be sending out $1,400 checks.

Now, it looks like yet another of Biden’s promises to voters concerning the stimulus bill won’t be kept. According to reports, he is now open to narrowing who it is that can even qualify to receive the money in the first place.

Democrats Start Walking Back the Stimulus

Republicans have already been acerbically critical of many aspects of the various coronavirus stimulus packages that have been passed since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. They’ve said that these bills contain far too much unnecessary spending on things not related to COVID-19 relief and that the crisis is simply being used by Democrats as an excuse to push through spending on some of their pet projects.

Perhaps to avoid airing out such objections, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have introduced a joint resolution that would enable them, via reconciliation, to pass Biden’s stimulus bill without any support from Republicans.

Despite this attempt to pass the bill without Republican input or support, Democrats are still reportedly open to walking back some of the spending in it. However, the spending they are open to walking back only lies in one area: that of stimulus checks for ordinary Americans.

Up to now, the criteria for qualifying for a stimulus check under the Biden bill have been that individuals making less than $75,000 per year would qualify for a $1,400 payout. Beyond incomes of $75,000, the size of the check would start to diminish. The same applies to couples making $150,000 per year or less who file their taxes jointly.

According to reports, Biden is open to changing these income criteria down to $50,000 per year for individuals and $100,000 per year for couples.

In the days before the Senate runoff elections in Georgia on January 5, Biden made explicit promises to Georgia voters that if they elected the two Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, they would receive $2,000 stimulus checks. Since they will only be receiving $1,400 checks, these voters already feel betrayed.

This has prompted suspicions of even more upcoming “compromises” that will break more promises.