Several years ago, President Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry said that the private flying jet he uses is the only option he has for transport.

The statement was given in 2019 when Kerry used his private plane to arrive in Iceland to receive an environmental award.

Kerry said that a ‘person like him’ has to use plane transport as other means of transport, such as sailing, would require too much time.

Presidential Climate Envoy tried to justify his action by emphasizing ‘how hard he works’ to win the battle against climate change.

Kerry travels to pick up an environmental award in a private jet

Yet, many people pointed out that not only are private planes one of the least environmentally friendly ways to travel but are also emitting more than 40 times more carbon per passenger than do planes used for commercial flights.

Fox News estimated that a staggering number of 88 tons of carbon has been released during Kerry’s travel from Washington, D.C., to Iceland only.

Given that it comes from one of the most outspoken climate advocates in the U.S., Kerry’s decision to use a private jet has been widely described as hypocritical.

In his interview with Fox News, Marc Morano, a former Republican political aide and an Executive Director of, characterized Kerry’s remark that someone like him has to use private air transport as Kerry’s indication that he is the person who is so important as to be above the rest of the people.

Morano stressed how Kerry even publicly ‘complained’ how he has to fly so frequently ‘to fight’ climate change all over the world.

Kerry doesn’t know how many properties he owns

Morano furthered said that the newly elected Biden Administration put many pipeline workers in danger by pledging to switch to not very developed sources of energy such as solar and wind energy.

Morano also added that the prospect of tens of thousands of workers losing their jobs will not affect John Kerry in any way.

To illustrate his point, Morano recalled how, during his presidential campaign in 2004, Kerry was not even able to count how many homes his family owns.

Morano concluded his analysis by saying that the proposed extinction of major pipelines will not benefit the environment in any way as the surrounding oil has already been drilled.

He highlighted that turning these pipelines off will only have negative effects on the economy by causing significant unemployment and foreign policy by making the U.S. dependent on oil sources from the Middle Eastern countries.