Senator Lindsey Graham has placed Democrats into a bind with one artfully executed threat.

Along with tens of millions of other Americans, Graham knows well that the Democrats’ bid to hold a second impeachment trial for Donald Trump is based on complete and utter nonsense.

Therefore, when speaking to Sean Hannity on the night of Monday, February 1, he said that if Democrats call even one witness during the trial, he’ll call in the FBI and have them testify as well, revealing some extremely inconvenient information about the Democrats’ narrative in the process.

The Second Impeachment Charade

Trump has been accused by Democrats of inciting a riot and even inciting an “insurrection” on January 6 during the Capitol Hill protests, but an overwhelming accumulation of facts has revealed this narrative to be totally fake.

First, even the New York Times has admitted that the timeline of events on January 6 doesn’t match what everyone should expect to see if Trump truly did incite a riot. People were already storming the Capitol before he had even finished speaking that day.

Second, there’s a mountain of video evidence indicating that the pro-Trump protestors had been infiltrated by BLM and Antifa members that day and that these infiltrators had instigated the violence. There’s also a video showing Capitol police actually ushering protesters into the Capitol and removing barricades from their path.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the FBI and the DOJ have already admitted that the violence that went on that day had been planned in advance.

In fact, BLM activists like John Sullivan have already been arrested in connection with their roles in flaring up mayhem on January 6.

Also, investigative reporter John Solomon filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the D.C. police, asking them to release all of their investigation results into the Capitol Hill riot. The department refused to do so, saying that the results of such a release would be “embarrassing” to them. This has only prompted suspicion and speculation about law enforcement’s role in what transpired.

Graham Neuters the Democrats

If Graham were to call FBI agents to testify at Trump’s impeachment trial, they would be required, under oath, to divulge everything they and the bureau know about how, when, and by whom the riot may have been planned.

This information would very likely make law enforcement look negligent, if not outright complicit, and it would exonerate Trump.

That would instantly put an end to the entire impeachment fiasco, and Democrats certainly don’t want that.

But Graham has insisted that if House Democrats saw fit to impeach Trump in a matter of hours without bothering to call even a single witness, then they shouldn’t be allowed to call witnesses during the Senate trial, either.