Newsmax anchor, Bob Sellers, committed ‘career suicide’ this week after his botched interview with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell regarding cancel culture and the permanent removal of his Twitter account following his claims about the Dominion voting systems.

Dominion Voting systems are believed to be at the core of many voter fraud claims, after numerous reports of system failings and ‘software glitches’ that switched previously cast votes from Republican to Democrat, with Lindell claiming his own investigations provide evidence of these claims.

What happened with the interview?

The CEO of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, believed he was brought onto Bob Sellers’ show to talk about cancel culture and the fallout for anyone who believed there may have been fraud committed in the 2020 election.

Lindell, who built MyPillow from the ground up, has spent millions of dollars out of his own pocket in order to investigate the allegations of voter fraud in the US, specifically those that concern Dominion.

This naturally, given the stance of the mainstream media and big tech on this issue, led to his cancellation and the removal of his Twitter account after he stated that he would unveil the evidence of voter fraud that he and his team have collected.

Throughout the last few months, the majority of media outlets refused to have Lindell as a guest to even discuss and debate the remote possibility of voter fraud.

Now Newsmax joins that list after anchor Bob Seller refused to talk and debate with the MyPillow CEO, instead opting to talk over his guest, a guest he later described as a ‘friend to the network’, before he abruptly stormed off after his attempts to switch the topic were dismissed.

The following broadcast the day after, Seller returned to set to beg the forgiveness of his viewers, saying that there is ‘no question I could’ve handled the end of the interview differently’ after Newsmax saw an uptick in viewership after many Conservatives abandoned Fox News after their criticism of former President Donald Trump.

Ironically, the feeble attempt by Newsmax actually achieved the opposite of cancellation.

Stock prices in Lindell’s company rose drastically, with popularity for the business at an all-time high after his recent appearance on the network, with Lindell even admitting that he is currently struggling to find the staff to deal with the incredible increase of orders coming into his business.