It has not taken long for the hypocrisy of John Kerry to be revealed. A recent report by Fox News has shed a little light on how the new self-described Climate Czar does not have a history of being kind to the environment in his personal life. Kerry once had to defend his decision to take a private jet all the way to Iceland to accept the Arctic Circle award in 2019.

Irony of Award

This award is a distinction reserved for those who have made a difference in the fight against climate change. The irony of taking a gas-guzzling jet to accept an award for being an advocate for the environment cannot be overstated.

Defending the Choice

When defending his decision to take a private jet to Iceland to accept the award, Kerry said that he had no other choice available to him. Kerry went on to boast about his participation in negotiating the Paris Accords on behalf of the US. He also reminded everyone that he had to work with President Xi to convince him to come on board with the Paris Accords.

While it is true that nobody expects Kerry to take a boat to Iceland, he could have chosen to fly commercial instead of polluting the environment with a private jet. This would have certainly reduced his own carbon footprint.

Kerry’s New Position

Kerry was brought back into the political fold when President Joe Biden created a new Cabinet-level position for his old friend in the Senate. His official title is Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. The details on the duties of this new position are still unclear.