Go figure. Once again, AOC has been caught red-handed embellishing or shading the truth in an attempt to make herself look good. Her response has been to try to stoke her fanatic followers to silence the journalist who broke the story of the deceit.

AOC’s Drama Turns Out to Be Untrue

AOC posted an entire dramatic account of her claimed experience during the disturbances at the Capitol on Jan. 6. She painted a picture of a near-death experience where she was minutes away from grave harm. However, journalist Nick Arama revealed the truth of where AOC really was when the Capitol was breached. Instead of being on the House floor, or anywhere near the rioters, she was safe and sound across the street in the Cannon Office Building.

Seemingly caught with her hand in the cookie jar, AOC did not fess up to her deception. Instead, she launched personal attacks on the journalist in an attempt to silence him in a massive distraction from the real truth. She did walk back her exaggerations just a little when she claims that she was in mortal danger by virtue of being in the Capitol complex, even though she was a long distance away from any danger.

AOC Calls for Big Tech Censorship of the Journalist

Nonetheless, she accused “right-wing operatives” of spreading lies when they were merely detailing her whereabouts on that day. Her response was to try to mobilize her followers to force Twitter and Facebook to expand their campaign on censorship. Apparently, two things that AOC does not like are a free press and being caught in a lie. This feeds into the cancel culture that her fans try to enforce on a daily basis.