Psaki on the Hot Seat Again

The press is not going easy on Jen Psaki in her first few weeks in office. During the same week that the White House press secretary was called out for her comments mocking the military branch known as Space Force, Psaki was asked to defend her boss’s comments that the “vast majority” of law enforcement were “decent, honorable people.”

Biden’s Comments

President Joe Biden caused a stir when he made the comments about law enforcement during a press briefing on Tuesday in the Oval Office. The president was expressing his sympathies to the families of the Florida FBI agents who died or who were injured while simply attempting to serve a warrant on a routine call. Biden went on to say that he believes the “vast, vast majority” of law enforcement are decent and honorable.

The comments clearly did not sit well with police supporters. It is not understood why the president felt the need to imply that not all members of law enforcement were good people.

Reporters Press Psaki

As a result of the comments, a handful of reporters forced Psaki to explain what the president meant. Fox News reporter Kristen Fisher was the first member of the press to ask Psaki what Biden meant when we said the “vast majority.” Psaki tried to deflect by just saying, “That is exactly what he meant,” before moving right along to the next question.

However, NBC News reporter Kristen Welker brought it up again later in the briefing, asking Psaki to elaborate. This time, Psaki gave a more thorough answer, explaining that the president wanted to reiterate his support for law enforcement.