While many people know the Southern Poverty Law Center for pushing a leftist agenda, they have now developed a Learning for Justice program that may be coming to a school near you soon. Those teaching the program want students to see racism wherever it exists and take decisive steps to eradicate it. The program’s design is to promote critical race theory. This theory holds that racial oppression is the center of society.

Science, Being Polite, and Capitalism Seen as Racial

While introducing their program, the Southern Poverty Law Center created an infographic with examples of racism in America, including the nuclear family, capitalism, objective linear thinking, being polite, and science. The center has long stood against Judeo-Christian values and traditions, and the program hopes that teachers will stop instructing students in these things.

Program Sent to Biden

The center has sent its platform to the Biden administration with the strong suggestion that each state receives funding to implement this new program within its boundaries. The group previously created Teaching Tolerance, in which over 50,000 U.S. educators used the group claims.

Jalaya Liles Dunn Named Director

The Southern Poverty Law Center named Jalaya Liles Dunn to oversee the project. In her introduction, she wrote that the educational reform must result in an inclusive and just system.

Since early summer, the group has remained in the news for attacking President Trump for saying that Antifa is a terrorist organization. They claim that Trump’s move was dangerous and unjust.

Simultaneously, the group has been outspoken in supporting rioters that police have attempted to control as they tried to burn down cities during the summer.