The psychotic moral busybodies in the political establishment can’t seem to allow Americans to have even a little bit of fun under any circumstances.

Americans endured more than an entire year of pointless shutdowns whose effectiveness in slowing the spread of the coronavirus was dubious at best. On top of this, they suffered as they were thrown out of work and lost their businesses and livelihoods. They were then thrown crumbs by a crooked political class that was more interested in funding sex-change education in Pakistan and paying for meaningless foreign aid than they were in helping them.

But now, Americans were finally allowed to gather in person to watch live sports again. A reported 22,000 people attended the Super Bowl on Sunday.

It seemed as if we could all breathe a sigh of relief. A semblance of normality was finally returning to our lives.

And then, Joe and Jill Biden made a creepy appearance on a video screen.

An Extremely Creepy Video

Joe Biden, who, with each passing day, looks more and more like a creature out of a John Carpenter movie, just couldn’t live without ruining everyone’s fun during the Super Bowl and droning on about COVID.

In a video recorded with his wife from their Delaware bunker, the Bidens made an appearance on the Jumbotron.

“Let’s remember,” said Joe Biden, “we can all do our part to save lives. Wear masks. Stay socially distant. Get tested. Get vaccinated when it’s your turn.”

The American Spirit Lives On

Americans don’t need to be told any of those things. They have been relentlessly hectored about wearing masks and being “socially distant” for months.

One really has to wonder what’s wrong with creepy authoritarians like Biden. Does the idea of people having fun and enjoying themselves really bother him so much that he can’t resist raining on everyone’s parade?

Thankfully, Americans have not yet been totally cowed by all of the COVID mandates that they’ve been subjected to. Video from the Super Bowl shows audible booing from the crowd as Biden’s message played. No one seemed to care about what he had to say.

As is well-known, ridicule is always an extremely potent weapon against tyranny.

God bless America!