According to multiple sources, the former President Donald Trump was ‘absolutely furious’ with the performance of his legal team on Day One of his second impeachment trial.

Mr Trump, who watched the trial from his new home in Mar-a-Lago, was reportedly ‘incensed’ by the performance of his lead lawyer, Bruce Castor, who he believed gave a ‘rambling argument’ in his 45-minute opening remarks.

What were his thoughts?

Despite almost absolute certainty on Mr. Trump’s part regarding a potential acquittal in the Senate, that did not stop him from being ‘furious’ with his legal team after proceedings came to a close on Day One of the impeachment trial.

According to sources, who allegedly spent time with the former President, Mr. Trump was particularly annoyed by the fact that his lead lawyer, Bruce Castor, claimed that the former President had lost the election, something which Trump himself is still yet to publicly admit. Castor claimed that if the public were not happy with an administration, then they will remove it, ‘which they just did’.

This comment reportedly angered the former President, which then led to the Associated Press to publish the headline ‘Trump Never Conceded He Lost, But His Impeachment Lawyer did’.

However, Mr. Trump was reportedly impressed with the Democrats opening video, that was brought to the Senate by Impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin.

The video depicted moments from a Trump speech before the Jan. 6th riots, where he called for his supporters to ‘fight’, before showing clips of the horrific scenes that took place at Capitol Hill.

However, the video also left out moments where Trump asked his supporters to march ‘peacefully and patriotically’.

It has also been widely reported that Trump’s legal team, after plenty chopping and changing, which included the removal of Trump’s personal lawyer; former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, had very little time to prepare for the proceedings, which are set to carry on throughout the week and into the weekend.

Other reactions

The Republican Senator for Texas, Ted Cruz, claimed that he was ‘very impressed’ by the performance of the lead Impeachment manager, Democrat Representative Jamie Raskin.

He also claimed that Raskin is a ‘very serious lawyer’, whilst at the same time criticising the performance of the Trump legal team.

Trump’s lead lawyer, Bruce Castor, was forced to defend his opening defence of the former President after Republican Senator, Bill Cassidy, changed his vote to side with Democrats after Rand Paul’s point of order regarding the legality of the impeachment trial.

Castor claimed that if you put 100 people in the same room, then ‘you’re naturally going to have 100 separate opinions’.

He believed in the performance from himself and his team, saying that they had a ‘good day’.

However, Cassidy claimed that Senators who listened to the opening remarks from the Trump legal team would have seen that they were ‘unfocused and attempted to avoid the issue’.

Another one of Trump’s new attorneys, David Schoen, told Sean Hannity of Fox on Tuesday that he believed another impeachment trial is becoming a ‘very painful’ process for the people of the United States to go through.

He praised the ‘entertainment value’ of the opening video from the Democrats, whilst criticizing the effect it might have on the country.

The impeachment proceedings will continue throughout the week and over the weekend, as the Senate considers all of the evidence throughout the trial.