Within days of praising President Biden for signing an executive order requiring his aides to take a strong ethics pledge, former Office of Government Ethics head Walter Shaub blasted the president on Twitter. The president discussing his son’s book “Beautiful Things” on the Sunday morning talk show circuit was a clear ethics violation. The executive order serves as a signal to those in the Biden administration that they are supposed to take care of the American people without worrying about their fame and fortune.

President Biden said that he hoped because of how brutally honest Hunter was in the book that he had finally taken steps to get the help that he needed to overcome the problem forever.

The president said he was not embarrassed by Hunter because almost every family in America faced a similar battle with at least one family member.

Violation of Ethics

Shaub, who served mainly under President Obama and a short time under President Trump, says that the president promoting Hunter’s book was a clear violation of ethics. The quickly deleted tweets praised Hunter for accepting that he had a problem with alcohol and drugs while criticizing the president. Shaub said that he hoped the book would help other addicts seek the assistance they needed to get clean.

The president may be under even more pressure to take care of issues within his own family. Hunter also announced that he was under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware for possible tax violations.

Former chairman of bankrupted CEFC China Energy Anthony Bobulinski has also recently said that the president might have benefited from a deal that Hunter struck with his company. Of course, Hunter was already under investigation because of his laptop.

Not only is Hunter causing the president stress, so are the president’s two brothers, who may be trying to profit off the president’s position.

President Biden may need to look at how well he is living up to his executive order and enforce it with his family.