In a tweet published in late January, Democratic New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Texas Senator Ted Cruz of attempting to murder her during the January 6th Capitol storming.

She said that, although she is willing to cooperate with Republicans on stopping the restrictions on stock purchasing imposed by the Robinhood platform, she would prefer not to deal with Senator Cruz because of his alleged role in the Capitol events.

She also invited Cruz to resign from his office if he wants to help the dialogue.

AOC didn’t apologize for fake accusations

After more than ten days of backlash, AOC refused to offer an apology for leveling such a strong accusation against Senator Cruz.

In a response at her press conference, she corrected the journalist for ‘misquoting’ her and said she has no plans to apologize for her words.

In an interview with Fox News, Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah commented on AOC’s move.

He described AOC’s statement as unconducive to the unity and cooperation between the parties, adding that AOC herself would not see any benefits from it.

Lee said that no progress would be made if politicians keep making statements that are only addressing their voters.

He also compared the quarrels from Congress with arguments his daughter had in her school.

Lee was also asked about his opinion on the upcoming Senate impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, in which he serves as a juror.

Utah Senator maintained that the U.S. Constitution is not entirely about the case of former President Trump and that, given such a situation, the jury has to choose between two different interpretations.

Lee explained that if the jury opts for the interpretation that will lead to the conviction of the former President, it will open the door for numerous impeachments in the future.

Lee embraced the other, much narrower, reading that will lead to an acquittal, and said that he hopes that the majority of jurors will choose it as well.

In his final remarks, Utah Senator described the claims about the so-called ‘QAnonification’ of the Congress as overblown statements made by the left-leaning news networks.

He concluded by saying that, according to what he knows, there is no massive endorsement of the conspiracy theories in the Republican party.