Donald Trump Jr, the son of former President Donald Trump, has exploded onto the political scene over the last five years, becoming a big vocalist for the MAGA movement as well as fearlessly supporting his father throughout his term in office.

Now, Trump Jr has already set his sights on the 2022 midterms, pledging to help the Republican Party retake the House and the Senate.

However, one Republican Representative may not be so lucky.

The Rep. for Wyoming, Liz Cheney, has reportedly found herself under threat from the former President’s son, after she joined the Democrats in voting to impeach Donald Trump after the January 6th Capitol Hill riots.

What’s the situation?

Liz Cheney, who is the third-highest ranked Republican in the House of Representatives, was the only major Republican to support the Democrats in their impeachment proceedings against the former President Trump.

The congresswoman, who has served three-term so far, joined the 222 Democrats in voting for the impeachment charges.

Now, Cheney finds herself under fire from many staunch Trump loyalists.

A Representative of Florida, Matt Gaetz, opened up a secret vote at the House Republican Conference to have Cheney stripped of her Republican leadership position after she voted to impeach the Republican President.

This vote failed, with only 61 House Republicans voting for the motion.

Cheney now finds herself under attack from the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr, with a year and a half to go until the 2022 midterms.

A Republican source close to Trump Jr claims that he has his sights set on helping the Republicans make massive gains in 2022, yet he wants to see Liz Cheney challenged in the primaries so she cannot be re-elected.


Cheney already faces huge political problems back in her home state, as the Wyoming Republican Party have already voted to censure her, meaning she will be faced with at least one challenge in the primaries next year before she is put up for re-election.

Now Donald Trump Jr has confirmed his intention to campaign and fund against Cheney, whilst also stating that too many challenges against her could lead to a split in the vote, which would undoubtedly lead to her re-election.

Cheney has also been labeled a ‘Republican in name only’ by the former President’s son, who has promised to raise the funds to support a campaign against her.

Cheney has already begun her own fundraising for the midterms, hosting a virtual event on Monday.