In his interview with the Los Angeles Times, the anonymous White House official said that Meena Harris has to stop taking advantage of being Vice President’s niece.

Meena, who first worked as a lawyer, stressed her family ties with Kamala Harris in several of her products.

The main one is presumably her Instagram account with over 800,000 followers. The account covers a wide scope of topics, ranging from politics to personal issues, and included various references to Vice President.

For example, Meena shared the details of her experience during a plane trip to the Biden-Harris inauguration.

Meena hopped on the train

Meena is also an author of the books for children, one of which, titled ‘Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea’, includes an explicit reference to her aunt.

Meena’s latest book ‘Ambitious Girl’, on the other hand, was published just several hours before Kamala Harris was inaugurated as the U.S. Vice President.

The Los Angeles Times interviewee was especially critical of how Meena Harris uses her aunt to brand the products from her Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, the profits of which are distributed to charity.

Namely, one of the sweatshirts sold by Meena’s company involves the ‘Vice President Aunty’ caption, obviously pointing to the Vice President.

Another one goes even further by containing the statement ‘I am speaking’, used by Kamala Harris in her vice-presidential debate with Mike Pence.

The official underscored that she is aware that what has been done cannot be changed but that Vice President’s niece should alter the way she behaves in the future.

White House wants her to stop

The fact that there has been a public condemnation of Meena Harris’s activities suggests that not everyone in the White House is happy with the actions of the Instagram influencer.

Allegedly, even the White House lawyers warned Meena of the inappropriateness of her behavior.

Yet, the 36-year-old influencer denies any breach of the White House code of conduct.

In a statement given to the Los Angeles Times, Meena Harris emphasized that she has always obeyed the rules of the White House and will carry on with such behavior in the times to come.

She especially took an example of Phenomenal, contending that all associations to Vice President have already been removed from the organization’s website and products without the intention of bringing them back.