Biden Rescinds Trump’s Emergency Order for Wall Construction

President Joe Biden is not wasting time in stopping the construction of the border wall with Mexico. The White House announced on Thursday that Biden has rescinded the emergency order put in place by former President Donald Trump to move forward with the building of the much-disputed wall.

Biden was able to rescind the order by taking back the national emergency declaration at the southern border. This was made official in a letter to the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Last Step to Stop Construction

This rescinding of the order is the last step by Biden to cease the border wall construction process. On day one in office, the president issued his own executive order questioning the legality of Trump’s decision and ordered that the construction be paused.

History of National Emergency Declaration

The original national emergency declaration was put in place in early 2019. Trump acted on this after not being able to secure the necessary funding through lawmakers. By declaring the national emergency, there were fewer limits on how he could use taxpayer money to pay for the wall. As such, he was able to find funding by diverting it from other agencies.

Republican Response

Anticipating this move, Republicans acted earlier this month when party members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee requested that the new Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, provide documents that detailed Biden’s decision to stop the wall construction.

In the request, Rep. James Comer said that the pause of construction harms national security and goes against the earlier decision of Congress. Comer also said that this decision makes Americans living near the border vulnerable to crime.