Republican Senator has echoed calls, a day after the acquittal of the former President Donald Trump, for a ‘9/11-style’ commission to be set up in order to conduct an extensive investigation into the events that took place at Capitol Hill on January 6th.

Sen. Graham believes that a commission in the style of the 2002 9/11 commission could prove useful in ensuring that another event like Jan. 6th never happens again, with the Senate due to conduct hearings regarding the events later this month.

What did Graham propose?

A day after President Trump was acquitted by the Senate for the charge of ‘inciting an insurrection’, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham believes that a commission needs to look into the events that took place, especially if the Democrats knew an attack would take place and refused to act.

He stated that he would like answers as to why Capitol Hill police failed to report to the House sergeant at arms and the Senate sergeant at arms that they would need more officers on duty whilst the then President Trump held a rally a short way from the Capitol.

Graham has claimed that a ‘9/11-style’ commission into the events will allow answers to be revealed.

Senior Democrats knew that riot could happen?

The support for a commission into the events draws support from both sides, with the Republicans stating that there is evidence that shows senior Democrat leaders knew about the attack before it happened yet failed to act on it, whilst the Democrats are still desperately scrambling for a way to pin January 6th onto the former President, after they failed to convict him in the Senate last weekend.

Multiple Senators have thrown their weight behind a potential commission, with many citing that such a commission will bring light onto further evidence that was not revealed during the Senate trial.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had already revealed last month there is a plan in place for an ‘after-action’ review into the events that transpired at Capitol Hill, stating that this will come in the form of a commission, whilst former Democrat nominee Hilary Clinton continued to push the baseless theories that Trump was involved with Russia.

Clinton stated on her podcast that a panel should be created, similar to the 2002 9/11 commission.

She also stated that she would be interested in gaining access to Trump’s phone records to see if the former President was in contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the riot.

However, despite his acquittal vote and call for a commission, Sen. Graham does believe that the former President holds some culpability for the Capitol Hill riots, claiming that his behavior after the 2020 election was ‘over the top’.