Thanks to well-timed strategic threats from Senator Lindsey Graham, the Democrats have made a major concession in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

Indeed, according to breaking reports, the Senate has now voted to acquit Trump of all charges entirely. There is little doubt that that decision—incredibly surprising given how gung-ho Democrats were about impeachment just a short time ago—was made in response to Graham’s threat.

Here are the details.

Lindsey Graham Calls the Democrats’ Bluff

In a patently dirty move that was designed to poison the well and bias the minds of those listening in order to influence their decisions, the Democrats in the Senate shunted through a motion to call witnesses in Trump’s impeachment trial only after both sides had already presented their respective cases.

In response to this bit of legerdemain, Senator Lindsey Graham lined up a brilliant countermove. He insisted that if the Democrats wished to call witnesses, then they must call all witnesses—including FBI agents who had investigated the circumstances surrounding and leading up to the Capitol Hill riot and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself.

This would have proved extraordinarily embarrassing to the Democrats for a few reasons. First, Trump is now known to have offered to bring in 10,000 National Guard troops to safeguard D.C. on January 6th in response to suspicions about possible threats. Pelosi and other officials repeatedly refused such offers. If she were to be made to testify under oath, she would need to admit this fact.

Secondly, the FBI now knows that BLM and Antifa had sent in their agent provocateurs to infiltrate the crowds of Trump supporters, which had assembled in D.C. on January 6th to protest the certification of the presidential election, which they believed to be rife with fraud. FBI agents testifying at the trial would have to reveal this information, which would serve to even further demolish the Democrats’ phony impeachment narrative.

The Democrats Back Off

In response, the Democrats have now walked back their decision to call witnesses. They have retracted their motion.

Not only this, but the Senate has just voted to acquit Trump of all charges during his trial. Only seven Republicans had chosen to play turncoat and betray the former president. This was not enough to get the two-thirds majority required to secure a conviction.