Recall Effort Reaches Significant Milestone

The plan to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom is picking up steam. Over the weekend, a spokesman for the “Recall Gavin 2020” movement said the campaign now has over 1,509,000 signatures. This is enough signatures to put the issue to recall on the ballot for a special election.

The election would need to be held within 80 days and would require the secretary of state to certify the signatures. However, organizers are seeking to hit at least 2 million signatures. Because there is an estimated disqualification rate of 25%, the group wants to pad the signature count.

Details of Special Ballot

The ballot will pose two questions. The first issue is if Newsom should indeed be recalled. The second question will ask who should replace him if he is removed from office.

Increasing Lack of Confidence in Newsom

Those who support removing Newsom point to his record on rising homeless numbers, rapid increases in crime, lack of affordable housing, failing schools, and more. The most egregious action of the Newsom administration is the continual lockdown of the state as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis. Newsom’s detractors point to the collapsing economy as a reason to open up the state.

Humble Beginnings

The movement began over the summer when just a few Californians banded together to get Newsom out of office. Since that time, the recall campaign has expanded into a multi-million dollar effort. While Newsom was a media darling during the beginning of the pandemic, that support quickly eroded when the state was not able to open up like other areas. This discontent with Newsom’s leadership served to fuel the fire and increase support for the recall campaign.