Transcript of Call Released

The transcript of a phone call full of swear words between former President Donald Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy during the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill was released on Friday, shedding some light on the events of that tragic day. The transcript shows that Trump was not readily willing to tell the rioters to back off even though McCarthy begged him to de-escalate the situation.

What Is the Truth?

While the transcript of the call is being reported by numerous news agencies, what actually transpired that day between Trump and McCarthy is still unknown. Reports are that the pair talked during the heat of the riots, with McCarthy pleading with Trump to urge his supporters to back off the Capitol.

Trump allegedly told McCarthy that these people were more upset about the results of the election than he was.

Call Confirmed by Herrera-Butler

Although the verbiage of the call was confirmed by numerous Republicans in the House of Representatives, only a few went on record with the confirmation. Washington Republican Rep. Jaime Herrera-Butler was the first person to bring the transcript of the call to light, claiming that she took copious notes of the exchange between the two men.

Impeachment Vote

In the end, the call likely did not matter. Trump was acquitted in his impeachment trial with only seven Republicans crossing party lines to vote him guilty. The vote ended up being 57-43, falling well short of the 67 votes needed to convict the former president.

The Senate actually agreed to not bring any witnesses to the stand during the trial even after the details of the call were released.